What is LED Ceiling Panel Light and How to Fix It?

LED lights have become extremely popular across the world. The reason is their ability to save energy and be less harmful towards the environment. Over the years, a lot of brands have manufactured different types of LED lights to meet the market’s demand. LED panel lights are one of them.

What are LED Panel Lights?

LED panel lights are designed to replace the fluorescent tubes in grid ceilings. These panels are quite thin so fit easily into different types of ceilings. They also offer a wider illumination. The panels can be bought in multiple dimensions to meet a room’s specific requirements for lighting and fit with ceilings of varying sizes. Most manufacturers will commonly sell 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm by 1200mm panels as these are the most common sizes for grid ceilings. They can be bought in square, rectangular, and round shapes too.

Some LED panel brands are selling with an additional surface mount unit. This is a good option when you can’t recess the lights. The mount consists of brackets that can be installed onto the surface. The driver is designed to be hidden behind the panel so the aesthetic of area is not disturbed.

How to Fix LED Panel Lights?

If your LED panel lights have become dysfunctional, a replacement is not always the only solution. Depending on the reason for not working, you can fix the panels. There are many LED panel light issues that can be fixed without needing excessive technical knowledge or sophisticated tools.

Here are a few simple problems that can be fixed without calling a professional or repairing the entire panel:

  • Use an ohmmeter to check the provision of electric current to the panel. If the reading is not normal, then you have to determine if something else is broken. You might need a professional’s help
  • Check if all the bulbs inside the panel are working. This can be a tedious job. There are around 50 LED bulbs in a typical panel. You will have to check each one. Mark any bulb that is broken or burnt out so you know where the replacement has to be made
  • Often the nature of the problem has nothing to do with no electric current or broken bulbs. It is simply an issue of collected dust. The dust can accumulate and disturb the connections. It is suggested to regularly clean a panel using a soft cloth. Sometimes, the location of the panel can make regular cleaning difficult. However, cleaning can ensure the panels can stay true to their durability

When checking the LED panels for damage on your own, make sure that the power source is switched off. If you can’t understand what the problem might be, it is better to hire a professional. They can easily determine the problem and its source within less time.

If you are not using LED panel lights, make a smart decision to switch. It will considerably reduce the utility bills and your carbon footprint.

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