Why Is The LED Panel Light Flickering And How To Avoid It

Ever heard of LED ceiling lights that are attached to the ceiling to provide adequate distribution of light? LED panel lights are the same . They are also an alternative to your average traditional fluorescent lighting and are attached to the ceiling.

What are LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are sleek, long and a very innovative LED technology. Like every other LED lighting, the main job of these LED panel lights is to provide bright light by using very little energy. It is energy efficient because, unlike traditional fluorescent lighting, LED panel lights use 80% of the energy to be emitted as light and the rest of the 20% as heat. Your average traditional lighting uses energy and wastes 80% of it as heat. This causes such bulbs to die out quickly. However, this is not the case with LED panel lights. They are long lasting and help save money by reducing electricity bills!

LED panel lights are housed with an aluminum frame which helps prevent light leakage. These aluminum frames often have 3 layers which includes LED chips, a diffuser and a light guide plate. A heat sink system is also included which ensures maximum safety.

Why Does The LED Panel Light Flicker And How To Avoid It

LED lighting, in general, is commonly designed to combat the problems which you’d find with traditional fluorescent lighting. However, sometimes, people notice that their LED panel lights start flickering and blinking even though they just bought it brand new. Is it a defected piece? Is the LED panel light not a good choice? The answer to such questions is that it is not the LED panel lighting which is at fault most of the time. Here are a few reasons why your LED panel light may start to flicker:

  • Your Current Setup. Don’t blame the LED panel light at the first instance! It may be the wiring that is causing the flickering problem. What you should do is check the wiring set-up. Make sure the LED panel light was securely connected to the main wiring connection. If there are loose wires or the connection point has come loose, make sure you tighten the wiring as required.
  • Other Potential Problems. If, however, your LED panel light wiring is all good, the problem may most likely stem from incompatible switches. Most LED lighting , in general, is not compatible with the old switches you may have which powered traditional lighting. To test whether an incompatible switch is the problem, replace your LED panel light with traditional lighting and observe whether the traditional lighting flickers or not.
  • Voltage Levels. More often than not, your voltage levels may be to blame as well. As you turn on many heavy load appliances at once, the voltage may be distributed unevenly. This may cause the LED panel light to flicker. Make sure you move all the high load appliances to another room or connect the LED panel lights to a different and separate energy source.

Follow these steps to avoid problems with your panel lights.

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