LED lighting applications in retail stores

Compared to traditional PAR and fluorescent lamps, LED lights in retail stores can save up to 80% in energy costs. LED light can provide highly accurate color and rich color, and eliminates shadows and dark spots also it can improve brand influence.

Lighting has three main roles in the store:
Attracting customer (window lighting)
Guiding consumption (drainage lighting)
Stimulating consumption (display lighting)

Why choose LED?
Traditional fluorescent lamps are too bright and glaring to attract people’s attention and make the items stand out;
LED light is economical and energy efficient;

Modern retail stores require at least four different LED lighting configurations:
Ambient lighting to clear up any dark in the store, ensuring that your store is not frustrating, and that customers feel comfortable and have enough normal light to bypass.
Task lighting to better illuminate areas of the store that require more light to perform certain tasks, providing appropriate lighting for staff and customers to complete transactions;
Key lighting to create special lighting areas to show products or emphasize product characteristic;
Decorative lighting is to add to the atmosphere, increasing exquisited and beautiful lighting to your store can reflect the sense of brand;

The advantages of LED lighting applications in retail stores:
Flexibility: Adapt to the needs of all retail stores, rearranging from cold and bright to low-key and warm color temperatures according to the season.
Create an atmosphere: People’s feelings when they enter the store will affect their mood and how they view your brand and products.
High Contrast: By using multiple light sources in a retail store, you can create contrasts around the product – attracting customers’ attention to the shelves and making it easier to see the details of each product.

Pay attention to the purchase of LED lighting in retail stores:
Determine the style: retro, track lighting or hanging lamps; no matter which lamp you choose, match your lighting strategy with your brand identity and product;
Buy LED lamps in bulk at one time to ensure the consistency of color temperature. The cool white color makes the area more spacious, while the warm color will produce a small and familiar impression;
Pay attention to the color rendering index, when the rendering index more than 85 can better restore the color of the clothes;
Using dimmer switches can save a lot of energy costs and give you more control over the atmosphere;
If you have to sacrifice a certain level of quality to maintain your lighting budget, then sacrifice decorative lighting, key and task lighting are the most important, because they highlight your product and keep your main product area running smoothly.

Common lighting options, including LED track lighting, LED wall lights, LED chandeliers, LED linear lights etc. Lighting is part of the retail business and brand in-store strategy. To learn the right lighting can help drive order and create a great customer experience for your store.

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