Various Usages of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are illuminants that make use of integrated surface-mounted diode (SMD) technology, as compared to filaments or fluorescence. It helps generate superior and robust light at just a fraction of the total energy in terms of watts. LED light panels are available in varied shapes. For example, round and square LED panel illuminants are common enough in commercial as well as domestic settings. One can also get these lights in varied sizes. LED illuminants are embedded within the panel in such a way that these can be molded easily into varied sizes and shapes. Know about some of the different uses of LED panel lights.


LED panels are used to illuminate the countertops in a few cafes and restaurants. The lighting is often used for visual ease, given that a few ambiences have dim type of lighting. The lighting is used often for illuminating stone countertops, to make them look aesthetic. You can find LED panels – often either a round or small-sized square panel light – placed within condiment displays in grocery stores or confectioneries. In restaurant areas, the lighting has to be subtle but bright enough to let staffs and customers see everything clearly – whether it comes to the foods or the furniture or the entire ambience.

Backlit Graphics

These are an aesthetic addition to offices, boutiques, retail stores, restaurants and other commercial settings. The graphics are lit up with LED backlighting. These are fantastic choices, given that the graphics may stay illuminated for long and there can be savings in energy simultaneously.

Illuminated Floors

Illuminated floors have turned into a trend, whether in wedding venues or in restaurants. Once upon a time, this type of lighting was used only on dance floors to make the spaces appear creative. However, these floors are now nothing short of a trend in the interior space. These can also be found in several luxury homes. Such types of floors are lit up with the aid of LED panel lights in order to achieve an illuminated effect.


Backlighting is a technique that is used in photography to capture unique images of subjects. This process is also used in videos and films. LED light panels are implemented for this purpose in varied sizes and shapes. As the panels can be customized easily, these can achieve some types of backlighting objectives with convenience. Proper backlighting is essential for any space, whether residential, commercial or industrial areas.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Many companies make use of LED light panels at their own stalls, in order to illuminate displays at exhibitions or trade shows. Based on the lighting angle or the amount of illumination that they need, LED lights of varied sizes and shapes are used. The technique of LED panel light installation might also vary.

Thus, whether you go for round or square shaped LED panel light, you should possibly insist on higher level of customization. LED panel illuminants of each size and shape have amazing usage and can let you enjoy very bright illumination.

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