Red Light Therapy For Scars – Safe, Effective, and Highly- smelled

Red light therapy for scars is a popular solution for those who have scarring. If you’ve tried everything else, like dermabrasion, then you should think again. The last thing you want is scarring from laser treatments or acne scar treatments. There are safer, less painful options for reducing scars. Find out today!

Before we get into the benefits of using red light therapy for scars, let’s talk about how it works. It is called “photofacial” therapy because it heals the top layer of skin by exposing it to short wavelength (red) light. The skin’s natural immune system then kills the bacteria that caused the scar to form. Since these scars can be caused by bacteria, it is also safe to use photofacial therapy on healthy skin. Of course, the bottom line is that red light therapy isn’t safe for all skin types.

This therapy works because it exposes your skin to wavelengths of red light and then blocks out the ultraviolet light that is harmful. Long wavelengths of blue light or violet light are blocked, too. By using a special machine, a doctor can vary the wavelengths and the depth of penetration, making it safe to treat many different skin types. In fact, most doctors can perform a photofacial on their office windows because they use an ultraviolet light that is completely safe. It’s just that most people haven’t discovered this beauty treatment because it is more effective than most things people have tried before.

Now that you know why red light therapy for scars is safe, lets talk about how it works. Like the skin, your body is protected by the collagen that surrounds it. When you suffer from an injury, the collagen is damaged, exposing your skin to free radicals and leading to premature aging and even skin cancer. In order to protect your collagen, your body creates its own collagen, but as you get older, your body stops producing new collagen on its own.

By using red light therapy for scars, you can safely increase the production of collagen and get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. The best results come after three to four treatments, depending on the area you want to treat. However, this form of laser treatment is very safe and effective. The procedure is not painful, doesn’t take much time, and gives you amazing results.

While this form of laser therapy for scars may seem very safe, you should always consult your doctor before starting any new medical treatment. Keep in mind that some side effects such as minor pain, slight discoloration, and slight swelling may occur. Rarely, severe side effects such as allergic reactions and infections have been known to occur from red light therapy for scars. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should stop the treatment immediately and contact your doctor.

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